Bianchi Cup 2018



Shooting USA - Bianchi Cup 2018

It’s Classic Competition for the Bianchi Cup. The Barricades, the Plates, the Practical, and the Mover.


Bianchi Cup 2018


For 40 years the challenge has been the same, four courses of fire, 192 total shots, a chance at perfection. In fact a perfect score has been the pre-requisite to claim the title of Bianchi Cup Champion here for the last 28 years.





The race for the Bianchi Cup boils down to a handful of competitors who have shot three of the four events clean, and typically the final challenge for these competitors will be the moving target event.






That will be the case again in 2018, but there will be new records set in achieving perfection.




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Bianchi Cup


History’s Guns: Maynard Carbine

37-10-9The War Between the States brought an amazing collection of firearms into battle. Everything from muzzle-loading muskets, to the first appearance of repeaters, the Henry and the Spencer. But the Maynard carbine saw more use than either of the new rifles. It was widely issued to horse soldiers on both sides.  The Maynard breechloader is now one of History’s Guns.


The JP Enterprises Pistol Caliber Carbine Championship

37-10-10Competition with the pistol caliber carbine is growing as fast as any innovation we’ve seen in the shooting sports. The USPSA has embraced it to the fullest and they are now organizing PCC only matches. The biggest so far, the JP Area Five PCC Championship. Shooters from around the country are at the Silver Creek Conservation Club ranges for the USPSA’s first all PCC championship level match.


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Pro Tip: Todd Jarrett Multi-Point Sling

37-10-14The sling you choose for your AR is the key to a quick transition from rifle to pistol, both in competition and in a tactical scenario. There’s been a lot of buzz about single point slings, but that’s not always the best choice. Todd’s shows you the options you have with a multi-point sling and how to use it.






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