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Shooting USA - The Steel Challenge at Talladega

It’s Classic Steel Challenge Competition, but hosted on a new range in Talladega, Alabama. Plus, the dangerous game solution from the 1800s. And, John’s building up an ultra-light competition Rimfire Rifle.


The Steel Challenge at Talladega

37-12-1The sport of steel shooting is now more popular than ever in the more than 30 year history, ever since Mike Fischman and Mike Dalton drew up the original target designs on a napkin in California. In all that time the eight well known courses of fire have not changed, so speed records are comparable to all times from the past. The Steel Challenge is the world championship, and while the targets haven’t changed, the location has, to the CMP’s Talladega Marksmanship Park.


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History’s Guns: The 500 Black Powder Express

37-12-9Modern sportsmen have the benefit of smokeless powder cartridges to power their hunt for big game. But in the days of slow burning black powder, a round meant for dangerous game had to make up for the lack of velocity with a big charge and a very big bullet. In the late 1800s, one answer was the 500 Black Powder Express. That’s now one of History’s Guns.  


Light Weight Rimfire Rifle Build

37-12-10When it comes to speed with rim-fire, there are two must haves: reliability and light weight. I’ve got a project that hits both marks. It starts with a donor action from Magnum Research that has been laying around here for a while, it was chambered in 17 Mach2, which is fast, but isn't practical for competition, it’s a Magnum Research receiver and I like this because it's an integral rail, no screws to worry about. The mag release is that hardware store, parts project I did way back. It’s literally a dollar worth of parts.


37-12-11The keys to this project are the barrel and the chassis. The barrel is from Volquartsen. This is their ultra-light carbon fiber tensioned barrel, and forward forcing comp, they offer similar set up's like this for pistol but for rifles it's just larger.

And then the chassis is from ModShot, and this thing is so light weight it almost doesn’t feel real, just 19 ounces, that's literally one pound three ounces.

The result: the lightest possible rimfire repeater, just right for competition.


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Pro Tip: Todd Jarrett 50 Round Drill

37-12-13When planning a trip to the range, it can be difficult to decide how much ammo to bring. The simple answer is more is better, but Todd Jarrett has a pro tip on how to get the most out of 50 rounds of ammunition and your available time at the range.



Impossible Shots: Byron Ferguson’s Bottle Cap

37-12-14There is nothing more refreshing than enjoying a bottle of soda on a sunny day. But Byron Ferguson, the legend with a longbow, has a challenging way of opening his bottles.

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Scoutten Named Legend of the Outdoors

JIM  HEAD SHOT-300The Board of Directors of Garry Mason’s Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame has selected Jim Scoutten for induction as a 2018 Legend in the 25th year of his Shooting Sports broadcasting career.











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