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37-13-1There is no question the Scholastic Clay Target Program has been the most successful youth shooting program in our history.  It started as American Trap with teams forming across the country. Since the start, more than 25 years ago, the program has expanded to Skeet, Sporting Clays, and Handgun competition. But the heart of the program is Trap, with hundreds of teams, and their parents, working to be part of the National Championships at the enormous Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.  

37-13-2SCTP got its start in 2001. It was strictly trap shooting for High School teams that affiliated in those days. Then came skeet, then sporting clays, and with each new game and each New Year, young shooters joined by the thousands, always organized into teams when the combined score of the team members was what counted in competition.  


I37-13-3n SCTP competitors shoot against youngsters their age and skill level. Rookies are in fifth grade or under, as young as eight or nine. Intermediates are in grades six to eight with divisions for newcomers and veterans.. High Schoolers shoot in the Senior Division as Varsity and J.V. And new at Nationals, the Open class, with no rules on age or experience. College squads compete here, too in this sport for everyone.

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation organizes and manages all competition.

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History’s Guns

37-13-5Oliver Winchester put his name on his first repeating rifle in 1866. It was really an improved Henry Rifle. But his next generation lever gun would stand the test of time. The Famous Winchester ’73 is now one of History’s Guns.




37-13-61873s were chambered in 44-40 a black-powder, pistol cartridge. Colt and other six-gun makers followed soon after, building revolvers in 44-40 so cowboys and settlers could carry just one type of ammo. A shooter could load up to 18 rounds through a loading gate on the ’73, an innovation called King’s Patent.  Winchester bragged the rifle’s action was so fast you could fire two shots every second.


Les Baer Custom -  Building Accuracy the Old Way

37-13-10There are any number of 1911’s now on the market, turned out on Computer Controlled Milling Machines. They’re good guns, sold for a thousand to 12-hundred dollars. But great guns are different, built by hand in the same way pistol smiths first started accurizing 1911s in the 1930s. That’s the 90 year old process still used to build exceptionally accurate guns at Les Baer Custom.  


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JP Enterprises and the Budget Rifle Build Up

37-13-7John Scoutten and John Paul of JP Enterprises start the process of improving the performance of a budget priced AR.

Step One, improving trigger control and performance.  JP’s suggestion is the affordable FC1 Fire control Kit that offers what he calls a professional level trigger with extremely clean, glass rod break, of the trigger and that really short reset which professionals are looking for.


Pro Tip: Maggie Reece Rifle Grip and Stance

37-13-14How you hold it and how you position your body are the keys to how well you shoot your AR Rifle. We’ve got one of the best to show you the right technique; Colt Pro Shooter Maggie Reese is ready to help improve your shooting.




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