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Shooting USA - The IDPA Nationals at Talladega

It’s the International Defensive Pistol Association Nationals with the best shooters in Defensive Pistol Competition. The CMP Ranges at Talladega host the challenges designed to simulate real world threats. Scoring is speed and accuracy while using cover. Plus, the Garands are back from overseas, and being prepped for collectors and shooters. We’ll show you the process inside the Civilian Marksmanship Program in Anniston, Alabama. And then a profile of the motivated young team from New Jersey that’s shooting classic pistol.

IDPA Nationals

37-14-1It’s the practical shooting sport created for concealed carry training. The International Defensive Pistol Association or IDPA is now well known for stages that put shooters in scenarios that could happen in real life. And this year the sport has evolved to become a bit more real for concealed carry with new divisions to better represent the CCW guns being carried on the street.


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The Garands Come Home to the CMP

37-14-6Rifle Sales are the lifeblood of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, but two years ago they were running out of surplus Garand's to sell. Then the new administration and the new State Department cleared the way to bring home surplus Garands loaned to our allies. A lot more! And the CMP is again very busy sorting, cleaning, and rebuilding Historic Garand's for collectors and shooters.


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New Jersey Youth Pistol Team

37-14-12Precision Pistol competition is one of the most challenging of the shooting sports. It requires maximum concentration and patience. Shooters engage bulls-eye style targets at 25 and 50 yards, one handed. It's not as flashy as some of the other run and gun practical style shooting sports, but there are still junior teams committed to the challenge.


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JP Enterprises and the Budget Rifle Build Up

37-14-15We're going to continue with our project budget friendly race rifle. We started the first time with the help of John Paul from JP Rifles by replacing the trigger system. We've gone to their fire control trigger and found tremendous benefits. Today we want to address the accuracy of this rifle and in sticking with the budget friendly plan, we're going to unlock the accuracy penitential of that factory barrel.


Pro Tip: Maggie Reece -  The PCCBill Drill

37-14-18Pistol Caliber Carbine is really taking off, with divisions for PCC becoming increasingly popular in the shooting sports. PCC competition is speed and accuracy, and we’ve got Colt Pro Shooter Maggie Reese with a pro tip showing what she does to shoot faster and more accurately with her carbine.





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