The NRA World Shooting Championship



The NRA World Shooting Championship

It’s the competition to find the best at everything that goes bang. The NRA World Shooting Championship adds the scores from many different shooting disciplines to find the best all-around shooting champion. Plus, the Crockett rifles from Tennessee that armed Andrew Jackson’s Militia on his way to stop the British in New Orleans. Then, John and JP finish the budget rifle accuracy build. And Maggie Reese has a pro tip on doing it right when the stage designer gives you a table start with an empty gun.


NRA World Shoot Championship

37-15-1NRA’s World Competition draws 300 shooters, both pros and amateurs, to the Peacemaker National Training Center in West Virginia. From precision rifles, to shotguns, to single action six-guns. If it goes bang it’s most likely here! The stage guns are all provided by match sponsors, so the competitors enter the match empty-handed, and without experience with the firearms of each stage challenge.


37-15-2The challenges range from sporting clays, to Bianchi plate racks shot with handguns, to simulated Olympic Biathlon competition. The champions will truly be the best all-around shooters in the country.

Information on the 2019 NRA World Shooting Championship



Crockett Long Rifle

37-15-5We are fortunate to have a neighbor here in Tennessee who found his calling to be making traditional Flintlock rifles and pistols. He’s Greg Murry, who’s caught in a time-warp of sorts, because he’s convinced he’s doing what he would have been doing, if he’d lived 200 years ago.

His latest commissions are replicating the rather plain rifles for Andrew Jackson’s Militia. Greg Murry is now making authorized replicas of the rare surviving Crocket Rifles Jackson stopped to pick up in Tennessee on the way to the Battle of New Orleans when Jackson’s rag-tag militia  stopped the British and saved the republic in 1814.

More Information on the Crocket Rifles

JP Enterprises Budget Rifle Build

37-15-8This is the third and final installment of the budget friendly race rifle build we’ve been doing with the help of John Paul from JP Enterprises. The project started with the installation of the FC-1 Trigger System. From there we went to the rapid configuration modular free float hand guard and slim line adjustable gas block. Now it’s time to deal with felt recoil.



Pro Tip: Maggie Reece -  Table Starts

37-15-12Stage designers frequently come up with challenges to see how prepared you are for unusual events, like starting with the gun on a table. We’ve got Colt Pro Shooter Maggie Reese to show you how to do that when the start position isn’t with your gun in your holster. It’s all about the set-up to shave seconds from your score.





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