The Bushnell GAP Grind



The Bushnell GAP Grind

37-16-1The Grind is the Pro-Am Precision Rifle Match that’s growing the sport. It has become the largest ever on the circuit, graduating last year’s amateurs to teaching pro status, while bringing in new shooters to get them enjoying the shooting sport. The Grind has become a shooting festival in Western Tennessee hosting 400 competitors in two days of long range competition. Plus, The Nock Volley gun. Seven barrels to repel boarders in the late 1700s. And, Zombies are under fire again in Nebraska at Hornady’s annual match where the emphasis is on three-gun fun.


Bushnell Gap Grind

37-16-3We have seen several different Major Matches adopt the Pro Am format over the past several years, matching an experienced competitor with a new shooter, to make them welcome and help them get started in the shooting sport.  In precision rifle, that Pro-Am formula has made one match more popular than any of the other Precision Series matches on the calendar. It’s the Bushnell GA Precision Grind held just down the road from us in Tennessee, where John Scoutten got his first experience at precision rifle in 2014.

Pro-Am Precision Rifle Match


History's Guns - The Nock Volley Gun

37-16-6Throughout History, wartime always creates advancements in firearm design. The question is always the same, how to bring more firepower to the battle. One of the answers from the past was the Flintlock with seven barrels. It was a handful to manage, but it was effective in repelling boarders during attacks on His Majesty’s Royal Fleet in the age of sailing ships. The Nock Volley Gun, is now one of History’s Guns.


Hornady's Pandemic in the Heartland

37-16-9It has become a Nebraska tradition, competitors congregating in Grand Island, with their zombie fighting tools in hand, ready for Hornady’s annual Pandemic, the Zombies in the Heartland Multi-Gun match. It sounds scary, but it’s really all about fun. A pandemic in the plains! A havoc in the heartland! An all-out assault on domestic tranquility!



37-16-8But fear not citizens, 300 patriots are here to take a stand defending the Republic from the walking dead. Not to mention a werewolf or two. It’s three-gun shooters from coast to coast on their annual visit to Nebraska, for one of their favorite matches of the year Zombies in the Heartland.


Zombies in the Heartland


JP Enterprises Budget Rifle Build

37-16-13John's has used his JP GMR 15 in competition for the better part of a year now, and as you would imagine, John Paul from JP Enterprises has some upgrades for what is the new cutting edge of pistol caliber carbine technology. The project this time, shortening the bolt stroke for faster follow-up shots.



Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Carry Gun Draw

37-16-14Whether it’s competition or self defense, you need a quick draw from concealment, and immediate shots on target.  And the draw will be different with different carry positions. Smith and Wesson Pro Julie Golob reviews the techniques you likely have forgotten to practice.





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