2018 USPSA Limited Nationals



2018 USPSA Limited Nationals

The STI Limited Nationals from Florida has no limit on the action in the race for the title. The Limited Division means no pistol optics and no compensators. Scoring is on speed and accuracy and you’ll see the best contending the title as John Scoutten and guest analyst Maggie Reese report the action. Plus, the rifle that replaced the trapdoor. The one war Krag-Jorgensen is one of History’s Guns. Then it’s Firearms Training beyond marksmanship with the new META Group, training to save lives. John and JP start the build of a high accuracy bolt gun.  And Julie Golob takes you through building confidence with your carry gun.


2018 USPSA Limited Nationals

38-01-1The USPSA’s Limited Division has been pretty much owned by shooters driving what STI has named their 2011 guns, ever since the founders created a double stack grip under a 1911 style top end. Limited means no optics and no compensators. These are the fastest of the iron-sighted guns in practical shooting. And Florida is making the shooters welcome.

USPSA President, Mike Foley says, “Central Florida is a hot bed for tourism dollars, they know how to bring people into their attractions and get them to stay local and eat local and buy local, and because of that they really like to see the USPSA bring events here.”

38-01-2Just as important is the design and capability of the host range. The Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida is easily one of the best facilities in the world, capable of hosting championship level matches on the 24 dedicated competition shooting bays.

John Scoutten and Colt Pro Shooter, Maggie Reese report the action as the best with iron sights shoot their way to the Championship Titles for the year.

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History's Guns - The Krag-Jorgensen

I38-01-4n the last years of 19th century firearms technology was rapidly advancing Smokeless powder was replacing black powder, and the magazine fed, bolt action rifle was the new standard of firepower on the battlefield. The U.S. solution, to replace the single shot trap door, was adopting a Scandinavian design, The Krag-Jorgensen, that’s now one of History’s Guns.



META Group

38-01-9The goal of the META Group, the new training company formed by World Champions KC Eusebio and Jessie Harrison, is high level training with pistol, rifle, and an additional element that could save a life.  META Group is also teaching first response field trauma first aid.



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JP Enterprises Budget Rifle Build

38-01-6John will be putting together his JP Enterprises LRP-07, with parts selected from the JP Rifle Builder Selection App and John Paul is here to help put it together. The LRP-07 is a large format semi automatic precision rifle chassis system and this one is going to be chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.






Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Carry Gun Confidence

38-01-10Carrying Concealed isn’t just about carrying.  It’s about having the confidence you can effectively use that gun in an emergency. And that comes down to training, but it starts with the right choice of gun and caliber. Julie Golob has a Pro-Tip with advice on choices and on training to become more confident with your carry gun.





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