The Brawl at Rifles Only



The Brawl at Rifles Only

This time it’s Precision Rifle Competition at the Brawl in Texas with the shooting challenges that are complicated by the south Texas weather. Plus, Turkey Hunters try shooting clay birds out of the air to support our US Shooting Team with the help of the best international Olympic competitors acting as their coaches. Then the M9 Beretta, that is now retired from service, becomes one of History’s guns. And S&W Pro Julie Golob has a Pro Tip on the best use of both iron sights and lasers.

The Brawl at Rifles Only

38-04-01Like the name, this is long gun competition. The courses of fire here are based on training doctrine, derived from real world situations that our Law Enforcement, Military and Allied forces encounter every day. As a result, The Brawl is highly regarded as one of the most challenging matches in precision rifle competition.



38-04-04One skill you will need at the brawl is knowing how to shoot movers. And knowing how to shootmovers in the wind is even more valuable. On one event there are two moving targets, at 400 yards, with each traveling at a different speed. Hit one then transition to the other.




38-04-05It’s no secret that precision rifle competition is one of the more expensive shooting sports to get started in. That cost of entry can be off-putting to the new shooter. The amount and level of technology and equipment necessary for precision rifle shooting can be intimidating, but the National Rifle League has come up with a simple solution to the problem. If you are interested, but not quite ready to commit, The NRL can help. With an inexpensive National Rifle League membership you may borrow a rifle and support equipment to shoot in a match.

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The Brawl


History's Guns

38-04-06-300For most of the 20th Century the side arm of the armed services was the legendary 1911 Government Model, but that changed 30 years ago with the controversial choice of the M9 Beretta chambered in 9mm. Now, the M9 is being replaced after 30 years of service, making the M9 Beretta one of History’s Guns.



Turkeys for Tokyo

38-04-09It’s well understood that sporting clays simulates upland bird hunting. It’s both competition and practice for the field. But turkey hunters don’t shotgun birds out of the air. So it was a bit of a challenge for the members of the National Wild Turkey Federation to shoot clays the day before their annual meeting in Nashville. But they had the world’s best coaches, members of the US Shooting Team, hosting the fund-raising competition that will help pay the way to Tokyo Olympic competition in 2020. It was the first partnership event for the NWTF in supporting USA Shooting.


Hornady’s Frontier Ammo

38-04-15Hornady’s Frontier Line of .223 and 5.56 ammunition is back in the market. It’s a joint effort between Lake City Manufacturing and Hornady. It’s Lake City brass, powder and primers, loaded with a selection of high accuracy Hornady bullets. The cases are annealed but not polished and they are delivered in sealed packages, because that’s how Lake City does it. The offering gets interesting from a competition stand point in that there are four bullet grain weights to choose from, 55, 62, 68 and 75. Choose the best for your barrel and you’ve got high accuracy and bullet performance at affordable pricing.



Pro Tip: Julie Golob – Iron Sights and Laser Sights

38-04-16Iron Sights and Laser Sights. Julie’s chosen an M&P Shield with integrated laser. So she has both. The Smith and Wesson Pro Shooter says you need to be proficient with both types of sights and she’s prepared to show us how.







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