Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge



Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge 

This time it’s precision rifle competition that’s exploring the new limits on ethical long range hunting. New developments in Scopes, Rifles, and particularly in Ammo are rewriting the book on competition and Western hunting. We’re in Utah to show you the results. Plus, the Enfield for Snipers. Holland & Holland got the assignment to improve accuracy in the L42A1 that is now one of History’s guns. And, intensive training days, teaching competition at the Max Michel Pro Shooter Experience.


Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge

38-09-1The recent dramatic advancements in rifles, optics and particularly bullet ballistics have had two effects increasing competition accuracy at extreme ranges, and rewriting the book on what would be an ethical shot at long range on wild game. No matter which trophy you’re pursuing, the place to test your long range precision shooting skill is the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge in the wilds of Utah.

38-09-4The Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge is a unique test for both competitive shooters, and long-range hunters. But there are competitors overcoming long range, wind and elevation challenges. The front runners in this Ultra-challenging Precision Rifle match will have to deal with conditions not typically seen in other matches in other parts of the country. 




Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge

History's Guns

38-09-6It is one of the finest sniper rifles of the 20th Century and the descendant of the very best sniper weapon of WWII. Britain’s L42A1 was the last in a long line of Military arms built on the famous Enfield .303 caliber bolt action. Holland & Holland got the assignment and produced a supremely accurate rifle.



Max Michel Pro Shooter Experience

38-09-9Learning to shoot competitively is both fun and rewarding. Learning from the best in the game is Max Michel’s offer every year with his Pro Shooter Experience. It’s a chance for shooters of any skill level to work with three world class instructors, both in groups, and one-on-one. The Pro Gun Club is located just outside Las Vegas, Nevada in the Mojave Desert’s El Dorado Valley. The services and facilities are ideal for Max Michel’s Pro Shooter Experience.


38-09-10The Max Michel Pro Shooter Experience is jam packed with training and drills. Max has worked closely with Mike Seeklander and J.J. Racaza to be sure that each lesson builds on the previous one to prepare the students for their final test. The final day is applying the lessons from the previous days to the stages in a mini-match. 

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Volquartsen Summit Build

38-09-12John has a project that has been in the works since he saw the Volquartsen Summit Rifles at Shot Show. I had the guys at Volquartsen spec out this Summit Barreled Action in Stainless Steel. This is the starting point of what I hope will become a competitive precision rim-fire rifle. The summit straight throw bolt action is based on a design obtained by Volquartsen from Primary Weapon Systems. From there Scott Volquartsen and his engineers refined the fit and function of the design. The Summit is a clone of the Ruger 10/22 receiver and uses the 10/22 magazines. But it’s a straight pull bolt action, not blow-back.

Volquartsen Summit Rifles


Remembering Janelle Cooper

38-09-13aWe are sorry to report Janelle Cooper, widow of Jeff Cooper founder of Gunsite, has passed at the age of 99. If you’re a Gunsite graduate, you likely shared her tea, lemonade and brownies as she welcomed students in her home Jeff named the Sconce. John visited with her three years ago for a chat and a tour. We’re bringing back her story from our archives In her honor.

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