The President’s 100



Shooting USA - The President's 100

38-13-1It’s the premier match of the Camp Perry Nationals, the President’s 100 with more than a thousand rifle shooters on the line. Shooting to be one of 100 best is the goal that awards the President’s 100 tab for service members and can lead to the shoot-off to find the year’s top rifleman at 200, 300, and 600 yards. Plus, the history of the M1 Garand that won WWII and continues in competition more than 80 years after adoption by the US Army. Then IDPA makes it a priority to invite women to shoot for training and competition. And JP explains parallax and what to do with that knob.

The President's 100

38-13-3The President’s 100 is the marquee event in a month of competition at the National Matches, with  all competition sanctioned by the CMP, the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Thousands of shooters compete each year on the Camp Perry rifle ranges. And for most, earning a spot in the top 100 of the President’s Match is the achievement of a lifetime.

Competitors in the President’s Match shoot three positions with service rifle -- 200 yards, 300 yards, and 600 yards. Most now shoot an M16 or civilian equivalent AR-15, but no rule says it has to be stock.



Civilian Marksmanhip Program


History's Guns - The M1 Garand

38-13-5In 1941 we enter World War Two barely prepared for the conflict ahead. But our mobilizing GI's already had one advantage over the enemies they were about to face, the powerful, semi-auto service rifle, the M1 Garand.  




New IDPA Women Shooters at Royal Range

38-13-6The number one challenge faced by any of the shooting sports is how to attract new shooters. Understanding the rules and the required equipment can add to that challenge and it can be even more challenging if the new shooter is a lady. But, the International Defensive Pistol Association is working to change that by starting at the club level. 



38-13-8IDPA Executive Director Joyce Wilson says the scenarios are generally based around things that could happen in an everyday environment. You can shoot around vehicles. You can shoot around your house. We encourage the use of cover.  We encourage the use of concealed carry clothing, so you would have to mimic what would happen if you were out at the grocery store and you actually had to sweep a garment to get to your firearm. The competition helps with that little burst of adrenaline that they might actually get if they were involved in a situation.That’s all too common these days, especially for women.

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Royal Range


Canik One Series - TP-nine SF Elite

38-13-9Extraordinary features at an extraordinary price: match grade barrel, Warren tactical sights fiber optic in front, forward cocking serrations, ambidextrous slide catch, reversible magazine release, interchangeable back-strap, improved single action trigger, a striker indicator as well as a loaded chamber indicator. Suggested Retail $329 

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Hornady Rapid Safe - 2700

38-13-12-bThe newest Hornady Rapid safe, It’s longer and can safely house most hand guns with up to a five inch barrel. The Rapid Safe uses RF-ID to open or your programmed code. There are sticker- backed pucks you can put on your cell phone. There’s a key fob, or a bracelet. All will instantly unlock the Rapid Safe.  Suggested Retail $179

Hornady Rapid Safe 2700  



Pro Tip - JP on Setting Parallax

38-13-10It’s that extra knob on your scope, with ranges marked out to infinity. So how do you use it to ensure your scope is going to bring the round on target?  John Paul of JP Enterprises has the explanation.







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