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Shooting USA - The NRA World Shooting Championship 

It’s the match to find the world’s best all-around competitor with challenges from every shooting discipline. It’s the NRA World Shoot from West Virginia with stages of fire from Sporting Clays, to 3-gun, to Bullseye, and Cowboy Action. Then it’s repeating firepower from the Civil War.¬ The Yankees changed warfare with the Spencer, that is now one of History’s Guns. Plus the Gap Grind in West Tennessee, drawing 400 competitors for long-range rifle competition, while starting new shooters in the sport. And Celebrities are out breaking clays to benefit Special Ops War Fighters.


NRA World Shooting Championship

38-16-3The World Shooting Championship is like a magnet for 270 shooters drawing them to the Peacemaker National Training Center in the hills of West Virginia.

It's three days of competition, with rifles, shotguns, semi-autos, even single-action six-guns. If it throws lead you’ll most likely shoot it. The championship is aimed at testing the nerves and skill of the world’s most accomplished shooters. And the testing is done with wildly different firearms in many shooting disciplines. Plus, the guns and the ammo are provided by match sponsors, so you bring 38-16-9nothing but eye and ear protection when you come to compete. 

Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek says "You’ve got to leave your ego at home, because you’re going to run up across some stuff here that’s going to set you down, you know. That’s just the way it is. It’s a fun match. You’re going to see some really good shooting here".


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History's Guns - The Spencer

38-16-10The vast majority of infantry battles in the War Between the States were fought with muzzleloaders. But wartime always brings innovation, and the Blue-coats had it, the first adoption of the self contained cartridge feeding in a repeater, Christopher Spencer’s Carbine. The Spencer is now one of History’s guns.



Gap Grind 2019

38-16-12Precision Rifle Competition is the fastest growing of the shooting sports. The challenge is shooting relatively small targets at varying distances, on the clock, from different positions. Of the PCC matches being organized each year, there is one that is a must for both beginners and experienced shooters alike.

The reason is the Pro/Am format for the competition. Each amateur, or less experienced shooter, is teamed up with a professional, a more experienced shooter. The pro is shooting for score and valuable insight about each course of fire, which is used to coach their partner to help make hits. Amateur shooters are given more generous targets, more time, and in some cases easier or fewer shooting positions to deal with. 

38-16-13The Pro/Am team structure is bringing more new shooters into long range shooting and makes the Gap Grind the largest annual match in the discipline, with 400 shooters running through the challenges at the K&M Precision Rifle Training range complex in western Tennessee.

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Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Sub Compact

38-16-15There is a new M&P 2.0 pistol, the Sub-Compact. This one is the 9mm without thumb-safety. There are options with thumb-safety and in both .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Better than expected accuracy is delivered by the 3.6 inch Armonite coated barrel inside a 6.6 inch overall length. Like all of the M&P M 2.0 pistols, there are four interchangeable back-straps and two concealment oriented 12 round magazines included. With either magazine fully loaded, you’re looking at one pound 14 ounces, that’s comfortable to carry and easy to manage. MSRP is just over $500.

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Hornady Rapid Safe Wall Locks 

Hornady is offering the Rapid Safe AR Wall Lock and Shotgun Wall Lock. Both equipped with fast opening RF-ID technology allow the wall locks to respond instantly to the devices that are match coded. In these cases they are designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally and both come with a hardened steel muzzle loop that you’ll also hard mount. In both cases the bolt will be locked to the rear, with a lug slipping into the open receiver. Shotgun tubes can be fully loaded and the AR Wall Lock has room to accept up to a 30 round magazine. MSRP for either Wall Lock is just over $200.

Hornady Shotgun Wall Lock

Hornady AR Wall Lock

Spec-Ops Excursions Fundraiser 2019

I38-16-16-300t’s the only charitable organization geared toward the active duty Special Operations War Fighter, offering opportunities for Rest and Relaxation through guided hunts and fishing trips. John takes us to their annual fund raising event with clays and celebrities.

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