Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship



Shooting USA - Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship 

39-02-02The game is Single Action Fast Draw, as near as we come in the 21st century to the OK Corral. 300 Gunfighters mosey into Fallon, Nevada, dressed to reflect their cowboy alias, and ready to draw and shoot wax bullets, drawing from authentic Old West holsters. The winning results are speeds down to a third of a second. Plus, John shoots and reports the new IDPA Pistol Caliber Carbine National match at Talladega. The Uzi is historic full auto fire. And Colt introduces the return of the Python. 

Cowboy Fast Draw World Championship

39-02-01We’re off to Fallon, Nevada for the Hollywood version of how the west was won. But this shoot-off isn’t man-to-man in a dusty street. This family fun shootout brings people of all ages together for gun racing, side-by-side, in friendly fast draw competition. Like the Single Action Shooting Society, everyone selects an alias and dresses the part of their choice of old west character. Many of the characters coming to compete have been in the organization for years and have now passed the excitement onto younger members of the Cowboy Fast Draw family.



There will be titles to win for Juniors, Ladies, and Men before the finals to find the Fastest Gun Alive, which will require fast accuracy on target down to a third of a second.

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History's Guns

39-02-05In the late 1940’s Major Uziel Gal designed the Uzi. It would play a critical role in the defense of the new state of Israel and go on to be one of their most popular sub guns internationally, including being selected by the United States Secret Service. The Uzi is now one of History’s Guns.



IDPA PCC Nationals

39-02-07The IDPA’s first ever Pistol Caliber Carbine Nationals is a one-day event held at the CMP’s Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama. At first glance it looks like any other IDPA National match with elaborately decorated courses of fire, but one key difference is obvious right away, everyone has long guns. This is IDPA embracing PCC competition. 


39-02-06Everyone who knows IDPA competition, knows there is a lot of creativity and planning that go into the popular scenario-based courses of fire, and at the Nationals there are some of the most creative courses of fire you’ll find anywhere, all simulating defensive situations that could be experienced in real life. There are key differences in IDPA PCC competition, from Handgun competition -  There is no drawing from concealment, since everyone is  shooting a defensive carbine, and lasers are allowed to aid in rapid sighting.

IDPA National Website

Pistol Caliber Carbine Rules for IDPA Matches


The Choices for PCC Competition 

If you’re going to shoot IDPA PCC you will need a carbine chambered in a Pistol Cartridge.  You can’t do better than selecting one from JP Enterprises. That’s John’s choice, and he takes us through his preferred accessories that set him up to compete. 


Colt Media Day

39-02-11The Python is back to join the first reissued Snake Guns, the Cobra and King Cobra. John Scoutten was at Gunsite for an exclusive experience trying the Python before the public announcement. He reports it has a really crisp, clean double action trigger pull in both the 4 inch and 6 inch models. Both are in high polished stainless and both have a Suggested Retail of $1,499.


Python Series

King Cobra Series

Cobra Series

Impossible Shot - James Jean Aerials

39-02-08It’s time for an Impossible Shot, with our newest exhibition archer, James Jean, as he works with John on his own hand thrown aerial targets.






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