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Shooting USA - The History of US Service Rifles 

The Trapdoor was the first cartridge firing service rifle that was much faster to use than the cap and ball rifles it replaced. But oddly rapid fire was not the original priority. But the Trapdoor was the beginning of the evolution to better and faster to cycle service rifles adopted over the next 100 years, that most often put superior firepower in the hands of US troops as they served in two World Wars, Korea, and into Vietnam. And the first of a new series of Pro Tips from the Army Marksmanship Unit.

American Primary Service Rifles

The collection represents continuous improvement, forged from experience in battles following the end of the Civil War and the end of the muzzle-loading percussion rifle. And it all began with an ingenious creation to make use of those surplus percussion rifles after the war. 



The Trapdoor  Served 1873 to 1892 Blackpowder Cartridge 45-70







The Krag Jorgensen Served 1892 to 1907 First Smokeless Cartridge - 30-40 Krag







The 03 Springfield  Served as Primary Service Rifle 1903 to 1936 Cartridge 30-06







The M1 Garand Served 1936 to 1958  Cartridge 30-06 First Semi-Auto Service Rifle






The M14 1959 to 1964 Cartridge 7.62 X 54mm NATO (.308)  First Select Fire Primary Service Rifle





Alvin C. York Re-enactment

39-08-6Each year the battles of WW-I play out on Tennessee Park Land at the Historic home of Medal of Honor Recipient Alvin York. The Tennessee State Park Service is charged with protecting and portraying the history for future generations. That brings reenactors into the trenches constructed in East Tennessee and brings WW-I Bi-planes into the sky simulating strafing runs as the first Warbirds to go to war.

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AG Cup Stage 16

39-08-9The KYL or Know Your Limits Drill is a standard course of fire in just about any long-range shooting competition. It’s built from progressively smaller targets that are sized specifically to the distance of the engagement. The idea of putting a KYL in the Armageddon Gear Cup means it will have to be a little different. John Scoutten and Tom Fuller talk you through how it’s successfully attached for points to win

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Pro Tip: Army Marksmanship Tyler Payne - Tripod Techniques

39-08-14The black hats are back with us, the highly skilled members of the Army Marksmanship Unit are teaching a new series of Pro Tips. And Staff Sergeant Tyler Payne from the Action Shooting Team is first with all the ways to employ a tripod in rifle competition and hunting.








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