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Shooting USA - Hornady Precision Hunting Challenge

The challenge is for precision rifle shooters at distances only possible in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, with steel targets sized to simulate the vitals of western game animals. Plus, new hunting choices in ammo and firearms.  And the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association welcomes today’s modern in-line muzzleloaders to test their skill in long range hunting competition. Byron Ferguson has an Impossible Shot you’ve never seen. And a Pro Tip from the Army Marksmanship Unit for hunters on Point Blank Zero.

Hornady's Precision Hunter Challenge 

39-10-1The Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge is a one of a kind test created for hunters by hunters, set in the 2000 acres of natural terrain at the Cameo Shooting and Education center. There are 20 unique courses of fire that will determine who is best among the 135 who’ve shown up to compete. The sum total of challenges involved in this match are designed to test all of the aspects of a hunter’s skill. 

39-10-2Just about every, practical shooting sport is derived from training. But for the hunter, there really hasn’t been a sport established that combines spot and make a shot with scoring to determine who among a group is best on any given day. Scott Satterlee intends to change that with the Hornady Precision Hunter Challenge. We’re headed to the western slope of Colorado for the story with nearly 140 marksmen who have made the journey to the Cameo Shooting and Education complex just outside Grand Junction Colorado. Most of these competitors are experienced hunters. But this weekend they are chasing a different kind of trophy. This is the first outing for a new training sport designed to put hunters to the test. Scott Satterly is the Match Director. He says, ”This is as close as it can get to mountain hunting. We have vital sized targetry out there. They are 12 inch squares turned to diamond which are really difficult to hit.”


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Cameo Shooting and Education Complex

39-10-4The format of this hybrid shooting sport requires a facility with natural terrain. The Cameo Shooting and Education Complex has that covered, but there is so much more to this brand-new state-of-the-art facility. It really is an unforgettable location, with postcard views in every direction.




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Hornady Hunting Ammo 

39-10-6The diverse catalogue of Hornady ammunition covers just about every facet of shooting, from self-defense, to competition, and especially hunting. The innovation began in the 40’s and has not stopped since, and today there are more offerings at more price-points in the Hornady line-up than ever. We’re on The GA Precision private range to see the newest offerings for hunters where Jason Hornady says it’s all about the bullet, “For us it started with the bullet. And then obviously the bullet progressed into the ammunition. And for us the bullet still makes the cartridge.That’s the big deal.”

Hornady Hunting Ammo 


MasterPiece Arms 300 PRC Hunter

39-10-8The MasterPiece Arms Ultra-Light Hunter Rifle Carbon Fiber gets you the MasterPiece Arms chambered Proof Research Carbon tensioned barrel, with two contours to choose from, The Sendero, or the Sendero light, tapered down another tenth of an inch. There are three lengths to choose from and the blank is chambered by MPA using their zero run out system. The threads are five eights by 24 and shipped with a thread protector unless you specify a muzzle break. The action is from Curtis Custom. and it’s a long action, to chamber 300 PRC in this case. The trigger is from Trigger Tech and can be set between one and three pounds. The Chassis is the MasterPiece Arms BA Ultra-Light, weighing just two and a half pounds on its own. Retail Pricing starts at $3,500

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EEA 10mm Hunter

T39-10-5he latest 10mm Hunting Handgun is the EAA Witness Hunter. It is single action, all steel construction, with the frame predrilled and tapped for side mounting an optic. The barrel is six inches, the mag release is over sized, as is the trigger guard, allowing for ease of use even with gloves. There is checkering on the front and back strap where you need it. With an unloaded weight just under three pounds, felt recoil is minimal for a ten millimeter. With 14 plus one capacity, there is peace of mind available in bear country. MSRP is $1,350

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NMLRA Inline Match

39-10-9For centuries generations of hunters have gone into the field with black powder muzzle loading rifles to take all sorts of wild game. That’s still true of today’s sportsmen who have the advantage of modern inline muzzleloaders to extend their hunting season.  And now, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, has invited sportsmen to bring their inline rifles to the range for friendly competition and to keep their hunting skills sharp.

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Pro Tip – USAMU Maximum Point Blank

39-10-11Maximum Point Blank is a way for you to guarantee impacts within your known distance hunting lane without making any adjustments to your zero.



Jim’s NEW Mid-Rise Trucker Shooting USA Caps

39-09-14It’s structured in front as a mid-rise trucker design that proudly displays the Shooting USA Logo in color-matched stitching.

Mesh back for cooling in summer with pre-shaped bill and trim braid. Available only in tan with tan Shooting USA logo as shown. Available with or without Jim’s signature on the bill of the cap.






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