CMP High Power



CMP High Power

It is the premier match for riflemen in Civilian Marksmanship Program Competition. Rifles only limited by weight, shooting rapid and slow fire for the X ring at distances out to 600 yards. Plus, a profile of one of the original YouTube stars and his precision shooting.  22 Plinkster changed his entire life from a Burglar Alarm Installer to a highly paid pro shooter with his rimfire shooting skill. Then James Jean has an Impossible Shot you that you’ll agree is impossible, even after you see it. And a Pro Tip from the Army Marksmanship Unit to get you started right in classic pistol competition, better known as Bullseye.


CMP High Power

39-12-1It is the signature competition of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, simply called High Power, when there are very few limits on what rifle shooters can bring to the line to compete. So choose your rifle, and load the cartridge that will best buck the wind in trying for the 10 ring on the CMP range at their Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama. 



39-12-2High Power is slow and rapid fire at 200, 300, and 600 yards in three positions - Standing, Sitting, and Prone. It’s classic rifle competition, but open to the development of the rifles and cartridges that each competitor thinks will perform best on the range.




List of Matches at CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

Getting Started in High Power


History’s Gun: Enfield 

39-12-5It was the sidearm of British officers at the end of the 19th Century. And an essential part of the lore and legend of one of the world’s most famous police agencies. It is the British Enfield Mark II revolver.  First produced in 1880, it was the issue revolver of the British Army.  As well as the first official sidearm of the renowned Canadian Mounties, The Northwest Mounted Police.



.22 Plinkster Profile

39-12-6Whether you’re putting rounds down range for practice or just plinking at cans for fun, there’s nothing much more enjoyable than taking a break from a nine-to-five job to spend some time at the range. With millions of views on his YouTube channel, .22 Plinkster is nothing less than a social media phenomenon. But that kind of success isn’t too hard to understand when you see him shoot.                                                     

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James Jean’s Signature Impossible Shot

39-12-8Our newest Exhibition Archer James Jean is at it again, this time he’s attempting a shot he calls his signature, that means he’s done it before , but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an Impossible Shot. The plan, shooting one arrow into the sky, nocking a second arrow and splitting the first as it falls back. Impossible, even after you see it!



Pro Tip: USAMU Bullseye Grip and Stance

39-12-10Staff Sergeant Ryan Franks with the United States Army Service Pistol Team shows us the fundamentals of bull’s-eye shooting. It’s the classic pistol competition that is the closest to what is shot in Olympics competition.




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