The World Speed Shooting Championship



The World Speed Shooting Championship  

The World Speed Shooting Championship is also known as the Steel Challenge. Draw and shoot five steel targets as fast as you can, with time in seconds as your score. We’ve called it drag racing with guns, and that is exactly what speed shooting is. We’re heading to Talladega Alabama for the action. Plus General Thompson’s Trench Broom, designed for World War I, that became a preferred choice in the roaring 20s on both sides of the law. And the little-known process of de-farbing that makes Civil War Re-enactors much more authentic. 


Steel Challenge

39-15-1The World Speed Shooting Championship is also known as the Steel Challenge. It's called drag racing with guns, and that is exactly what speed shooting is. We’re in Talladega, Alabama for the action. 

For the traditional center fire handgun divisions of the Steel Challenge there really hasn’t been a lot of news in the form of new world records in recent years. Centerfire pistol competition is drawing from the holster and shooting 5 steel targets, to log the best four out of five strings of fire recorded in seconds. There are currently only three shooters who regularly post sub 80 total match times.


39-15-3The new records are being recorded in rimfire handgun, and in all divisions of rimfire and pistol caliber carbine competition.  All divisions start from the low ready position, and the lack of a draw time is helping competitors post some extraordinary string of fire times “ invariably well under two seconds for the shooters at the top of the leader boards.

John Scoutten has the report on the action, division by division, and the new records being set in the World Speed Shooting Championships.

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History’s Gun: The Thompson

39-15-4It was known as the Chicago Typewriter, the Trench Sweeper, the Chopper, the Tommy Gun, and is today the best known of sub-guns firing the formidable pistol cartridge, the 45 ACP. General Thompson design for the trenches of WW-I is now one of History’s guns.




39-15-5You want to get it right when you’re dealing with history.  And if you’re talking about Civil War history you really don’t want to be farb. That’s the re-enactor community’s term for something that is not historically accurate, like wearing a wristwatch or modern eyeglasses with your Yankee or Confederate uniform. And that applies to firearms, too. Most modern reproductions need some work before they can pass for the real thing. One Tennessee gunsmith specializes in that and calls it De-farbing. His word for making the new look authentic and old.

Contact Link for Todd Watts, Gunsmith

Impossible Shots: James Jean Making Change

39-15-7In our Impossible Shots series, you have seen trick shots from archer's like Byron Ferguson, and some of the most impossible gun slinging from the legendary Bob Munden. James Jean has been a long-time fan of our show, and he's working on creating his own legacy, with an Impossible Shot that would make the late Bob Munden proud.



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Pro Tip: Julie Golob -  Intro to Gun Handling

39-15-9We’ve got more than 5 million new gun owners this year, and all of us in the industry are concerned about their safety. We can’t think of anybody better qualified to teach safe gun handling than Smith & Wesson Pro Shooter Julie Golob.



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