The 2020 AG Cup



The 2020 AG Cup

$90,000 is up for grabs at the Armageddon Gear AG Cup, it’s an invitation only Precision Rifle Tournament with the highest cash payout in the history of the sport. Then Mr. Flintlock is playing with firecrackers to launch targets for his Impossible Shot. And a Pro-Tip from Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl on smoothing out your double action trigger pull. It’s 6 round practice with the new Colt Python. 

Armageddon Gear Cup

39-16-1This is the second year of the Armageddon Gear Cup match and Tom Fuller is with John to help cover the stages of competition. Tom will tell us how and what makes this match one of the best for all completive shooters. With $90,000 up for grabs there couldn’t be more excitement or more pressure as the field of 42 competitors is cut down to 12 finalists. Each begins day three with a clean record as they work their way through the Armageddon Gear Cup for 2020.  


39-16-4There’s $1,000 for the winner of each stage and $50,000 for the overall winner of the Cup.  

The competition is on the ranges at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia where a lot of lead will be fired downrange before deciding the winner in the competition.




Information Links:

Armageddon Gear  

Arena Training Facility

Impossible Shot - Mr. Flintlock Firecracker

39-16-5George Sutton, or Mr. Flintlock as we call him, has been entertaining us for years with his black powder Impossible Shots. One thing that makes George’s shots even more challenging, there is a delay between pulling the trigger and the shot firing that is inherent with flint ignition muskets. Add a moving target to that mix and now you’ve got the recipe for an Impossible Shot.



Hiviz LightWave H3 CompSight Shotgun Install

39-16-7The HiViz LightWave H3 Shotgun Comp Sight upgrade is more than a color change, there is tritium in housing that that illuminates the fiber optic in low light and even no light conditions. Installation begins with removing the factory sight. The LightWave H3 Shotgun CompSight comes with a selection of retaining screws for all of the major manufacturers. Suggested Retail is $55.00

HiViz H3 Lightwave Comp Sight

Staccato C-2

39-16-9Staccato C2 is a 3.9 inch, bull barrel, 2011 double stack design that is virtually the same size as a Glock Nineteen, but it is slightly heavier. the Stacatto C-2 weighs in a little over 26 ounces unloaded. Staccato intends this to be your carry gun. There’s an under-barrel rail, forward slide scalloping, the front sight is fiber optic, the front of the trigger guard is squared, the trigger is skeletonized and the face is texturized. Ambidextrous thumb safeties are standard, the skeletonized hammer is standard, and this one has a fixed flat faced rear sight with a forward front face that allows for easy one handed racking in the event that becomes necessary. There’s also a Carry Optics version that will accept all of the better slide-ride red dots. In either configuration the C2 ships with three sixteen round magazines. Suggested Retail starts at $2,000 before options.

More from Staccato (STI)

Innovative Targets Plate Rack

39-16-8This is the latest plate rack design from Innovative Targets. And there is a lot of engineering here that solves the problem with the original plate rack design. All of the shoot surfaces are AR-500, everything is individually replaceable, all of the hardware is available at your local hardware store. And this Plate Rack breaks down to individual pieces so one man can move it around. No more heavy equipment to move your plate rack. Prices start at about $1,250.

Innovative Targets Website


Shooting USA Nano-T T-Shirt








Pro Tip: Colt Pro Shooter Mark Redl - 321 Drill

39-16-10Everyone is feeling the pinch these days as ammunition has become hard to find. But before you discontinue your training routine, maybe you should spend some time with your revolver. You’ll likely burn less ammo, and everybody can benefit from some practice with a double action trigger. So, with that in mind, Mark Redl has a pro-tip designed specifically for your revolver.  



Jim’s NEW Mid-Rise Trucker Shooting USA Caps

39-09-14It’s structured in front as a mid-rise trucker design that proudly displays the Shooting USA Logo in color-matched stitching.

Mesh back for cooling in summer with pre-shaped bill and trim braid. Available only in tan with tan Shooting USA logo as shown. Available with or without Jim’s signature on the bill of the cap.






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