Tennessee Cowboy Action



Tennessee Cowboy Action

Get your big hat and strap on your six-guns for Tennessee Cowboy Action. SASS, the Single-Action Shooting Society, is among the most popular of the shooting sports, with regional, national, and international matches, all preserving the history of America’s Old West. And the Tennessee Championship hosts the largest number of competitors of any state match by offering world class competition with guns from the late 1800s. Then it's more modern firearms on the line as new shooters team with more experienced riflemen to compete at the GAP Grind. And S&W Pro Shooter Julie Golob has a Pro Tip to boost your confidence and your aim with your new red-dot sight. 


Tennessee Cowboy Action 

40-1-1With more than 100-thousand competitors from 50 states and around the world. The Single-Action Shooting Society can rightly claim to be among the most popular shooting sports, with Regional, National, and International matches all preserving the history of America’s Old West. And the legendary guns. Year-after-year one state hosts the largest state championship match in the country providing world class cowboy competition and a whole bunch of fun.


40-1-3With around 170 Cowboys and Cowgirls fresh off the trail from 18 states and gunning for some bragging rights outside the village of Wartrace. It’s the Volunteer State Championship of the Single Action Shooting Society or SASS for short. Hosted by the Wartrace Regulators and Match Director Whiskey Hayes.

Whiskey says "You know, we got people. California, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Arizona. And we just want them to have fun. We don’t want to play mind games with them just good, simple, shooting stages where they can blow and go and shoot to the best of their ability.


Information Links:

The SASS National Website

Wartrace, TN Regulators Website

History's Guns - Colt SAA

40-1-5Mention cowboys and the Wild West and instantly you’re thinking of The Colt Single Action Army. While it is an icon of America’s frontier, the Colt was a Military sidearm first, designed for the U.S. Government trials in 1872 and adopted a year later as the Army’s standard issue revolver. The Single Action Army was in service for nearly two decades, and on the American frontier, long before it went Hollywood. The Single Action Army is definitely one of History’s Guns


GAP Grind 2020

40-1-6Precision Rifle Competition is one of the fastest growing segments of the shooting sport, due in large part to the pro-am format found at the Gap Grind. Every year the two-day competition teams up shooters that are new to the sport with professionals who offer coaching throughout the competition. It’s a formula that’s attracted shooters from across the country. This year is no exception. The Gap Grind is without question the largest and most popular match of its kind. 


40-1-8The Grind is limited to 400 shooters, 200 pros and 200 amateur new shooters from all over the country. It frequently turns out to be a family affair, shooting the challenges of long range competition rifle.




GAP Grind Information

K & M Precision Range and Training


Leopold Delta Point Micro

40-1-10The Delta Point Micro from Leupold is a completely new design for a slide ride red dot optic, essentially substituting the aiming dot for your rear sight. That means no permanent modification to your pistol slide. It utilizes a dovetail shoe that replaces your rear sight and then tightens up with two set screws.

The Delta Point Micro is not intended for competition. The full-size Delta Point is the choice there. The Micro is built to go on your carry gun and make you faster and more accurate in personal defense scenarios. The dot itself is a three MOA and has eight illumination settings. The Delta Point Micro runs on one CR1632 wafer style battery and Leopold claims a battery life of three-and-a-half years.

The Delta Point Micro is 100% guaranteed for life by Leopold. Made in America with an MSRP just under $400.

More Info from Leupold

Hunters HD Ruby

40-1-9They're calling them Hunters HD Ruby. Red lens technology has existed in shot-gunning for many years, but not with the Trivex material and the medical dye technology that Hunters HD Gold uses to block 100% of harmful Ultra Violet light. Their sell line is,” they change so you don't have to.” That means either the Hunters HD Gold or new Ruby lenses lighten or darken depending on how bright your environment is. They've got multiple frame styles and shapes available or send them a set of frames that you like and Brian and his team will custom fit a set of lenses for you. They’re OSHA approved as safety glasses in both prescription and nonprescription applications and prices start around $375.

More Info from Hunters HD Gold


Shooting USA Nano-T T-Shirt








Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Working with Red Dots

40-1-11Red dots are all the rage and for good reason. Most of the major shooting sports now have divisions that cover carry optics or production optics, plus they are even being used in concealed carry. And you can buy a pistol ready for a red dot optic from your local dealer. In this pro tip I am going to go through the basic steps on how to make the most of your red dot optic and that starts with how to acquire your dot quickly and easily. 


Jim’s NEW Mid-Rise Trucker Shooting USA Caps

39-09-14It’s structured in front as a mid-rise trucker design that proudly displays the Shooting USA Logo in color-matched stitching.

Mesh back for cooling in summer with pre-shaped bill and trim braid. Available only in tan with tan Shooting USA logo as shown. Available with or without Jim’s signature on the bill of the cap.






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