CMP Talladega 600



CMP Talladega 600

Competition is back and so are the shooters for the Talladega 600.Talladega For the Civilian Marksmanship Program, it’s a Mini-Nationals named the Southern Classic. Then Adaptive Shooters gather to learn and shoot IDPA challenges at Trevor Baucom’s Adaptive Summit. Plus, the rarest of English sporting guns from the Doctor who loves shooting flint. Dr. Lewis Drake assembles a million dollar collection of rare guns for us, including one with an action you’ve likely never seen. Then John’s got the newest reloading press from Hornady and Julie’s answering the question how to shoot.


CMP Talladega 600
The headline for this story: competition is back, as America gets back to normal again. For the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the opening event this year is the Talladega 600 that’s brought competitors from across the country with their rifles and pistols, all glad to be back shooting on the range.

Dozens of competitors are on the line at the Talladega Marksmanship Park, the impressive home range of the CMP, the Civilian Marksmanship Program. They’re here to compete with some of America’s top marksmen in an event that’s billed as A Southern Classic.

40-3-2After a year of cancelled competition, the Talladega 600 offered days of shooting in matches for most everything you might own, from rimfire to high power. That had shooters from across the country emptying their gun-safes, and driving down to Alabama to shoot. And in some cases, to begin their effort to earn the Excellence in Competition badge.





CMP Matches Information

Talladega Marksmanship Park Website

40-3-4Adaptive Shooters
Defensive Pistol is one of our fastest moving competitions, shooting against the clock in real life self-defense scenarios with factory out-of-the-box guns. Adaptive defensive pistol competition is a new variation of that, meant for shooters with physical limitations, that could otherwise keep them off the range.



40-3-5The Summit covers two days at Sig Sauer’s shooting academy in New Hampshire, beginning with some training in first aid and range procedures before competitors head to the firing line. And Sig is not the only manufacturer providing gear and new guns for the competitors to take home. There is growing support industry wide for this new sport giving them some specific coaching, recognizing their courage and motivation, and creating a model for accessible competition.

Adaptive Summit Links 

Host Range, the Sig Academy


Lewis Drake Guns

40-3-7There’s little question the 1800s were the golden age of fine English sporting guns, made to order for royalty around the world. They were created by some of England’s greatest master gunmakers for the wealthiest sportsmen of the uppermost classes and were prized by the generations that followed. Now those guns are extremely valuable and our good friend Dr. Lewis Drake has owned and traded in those collectibles as his lifelong passion. 


40-3-9Doctor Drake has brought together a collection of some of the rarest and most valuable English sporting guns including a never fired 600 Nitro express double rifle. The rifle was made for an Indian Raja in 1910 and marketed by RB Rodda & Company in Calcutta.  

The collection Dr. Drake has put together for our cameras is valued well over six figures in each case, including the one with the action you’ve never seen. The Tap Action Breechloader.


Lewis Drake Guns



Hornady Iron Press

40-3-14This is the Hornady Iron Press and it came to us as a kit with everything you need to get started using a single stage press. One of the first things you're going to notice is that the engineers at Hornady set out to build the most rigid and robust single stage press available. From their innovations like the shell holder platform that makes inserting your brass easy. Plus there are de-priming and sizing die and chamfer, and deburr, primer pocket tools included.  Then prime with the gravity fed automatic priming system. Then load powder and swap over to your seater die in your choice of cartridge and caliber. The Hornady Iron Press kit includes everything you need to get started in reloading like a powder measure, a bench scale, digital calipers, the Hornady reloading Handbook, and a selection of accessories and brushes to get you started right. So as soon as this shows up at your doorstep you're ready to start handloading for power and accuracy.

The Hornady Iron Press Kit is $675 MSRP

Hornady 6mm ARC Dies

40-3-13Along with the Iron Press came a set of Hornady 6 millimeter ARC dies and this is where things get interesting. Hornady 6 mm ARC is factory-loaded for gas guns and that means it's pressure limited to 52,000 PSI, but if you're going to run it in a Bolt gun, Hornady has recipes that take your pressure North of 60,000 PSI and that opens up the opportunity to develop a load for the 110 grain 6mm A-tips. With a precision 6mm ARC chamber in my GA Precision Rifle, further, faster, and flatter, is now possible for Precision Rifle Competition.

More Into on the Hornady Iron Press 
The New Hornady Handbook
Hornady Custom Grade Dies sold separately


Impact Precision 737R

40-3-11This is the newest edition to our precision rifle collection from Impact Precision, built on their 737 R action in 6 millimeter ARC. It's got an integral recoil lug 20 MOA pic-rail, the barrel is from Bartlien and was spun up by Stuteville Precision, and the comp is a Four Port Heathen. The stock is a Foundation MG-2. Going into the machining fixture it's a 20 pound block of composite material. When it comes out it weighs 6 pounds and it is a fully functioning stock. Their machining tolerances are so tight that no bedding is necessary. All of the handwork after the machining is for cosmetics and they can add personalization. The stock alone is $1,255

The rifle and stock combination can be built at Impact Precision for $4700.

The 737r Rifle 

Bartlein Barrels

MdtTac Scope Base

Stuteville Precision

Impact Precision Brake

Foundation MG-2 Stock 


Leupold Mark 5 HD

40-3-12This one is a 5-to-25x56 variable power optic built on a 35-millimeter main tube to maximize light transmission. And this one has the PR-2 reticle designed by John Pynch with the competition shooter in mind. Windage and elevation adjustments are in tenths of mils. With the easiest to set zero stop that we’ve seen. The Leupold Mark 5 HD is made in Oregon, guaranteed for life, and priced at $2,000 MSRP

More Info from Leupold

Pro Tip: Julie Golob - Shooting Faster

40-3-15Julie says the question she gets most often on the range is “How do I shoot faster?”  So this time she’s answering that question in a Smith & Wesson Pro Tip.





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39-09-14It’s structured in front as a mid-rise trucker design that proudly displays the Shooting USA Logo in color-matched stitching.

Mesh back for cooling in summer with pre-shaped bill and trim braid. Available only in tan with tan Shooting USA logo as shown. Available with or without Jim’s signature on the bill of the cap.







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