Florida State IDPA



Florida State IDPA

Florida is open and so is International Defensive Pistol Association competition at the Florida State Championships. Nearly 300 competitors show up at the Universal Shooting Academy ranges to shoot real-world challenges and contend for the state titles. Plus, the story of the AK that is one of History’s Guns and is the most widely used assault rifle chosen by America’s Enemies. Then, Colt announces the newest snake gun. The big one is back, the Anaconda. And James Jean has something totally impossible to show us, that’s not impossible for him.


Florida State IDPA
40-4-12020 was a tough year for the shooting sports. The International Defensive Pistol Association, also known as “IDPA” was forced to cancel all their events in 2020. As for 2021, the first big match of the new shooting season is ready to roll in Central Florida. Competitors have come from all around the country to participate in the IDPA Florida State Championship.

IDPA is a shooting sport created from self-defense training. Guns are required to be concealed by cover garments and targets must be engaged using tactical priority. The stages will typically have imaginative scenarios from real life.  The challenges are limited only by the match director and the stage designer’s imagination.

40-4-2Carry Optics is now recognized as a division in IDPA competition, and it is turning out to be one of the most popular. Carry guns with small red-dot optics is a trend that has seen growth in all of the practical shooting sports and now it's thriving in the IDPA community.





International Defensive Pistol Association

History’s Guns: The AK-47

40-4-4The AK-47 is arguably one of the most successful firearms in military history. That success has come largely at the expense of those defending the free world. It’s a rifle that is both admired and vilified, the AK-47 is now one of History’s Guns.

Companies around the world have sprung up creating clones because it is so easy to manufacture. In some cases, the clones are even better than the original model. The original Russian company that created the AK-47 only accounts for 10% of its annual production. It’s a surprisingly small percentage likely due to waiting for more than 50 years to file for patents.


CMP Bricks

40-4-6The CMP’s extraordinary facilities offered at The Talladega Marksmanship Park have become our destination to cover championship matches in a number of shooting disciplines. For the CMP, the Thousand-yard range with electronic targets is the crown jewel of the facility. A charitable fundraiser that supports CMP programs and competitions presents an opportunity for competitors to leave a permanent marker that you or a friend were there. Friendships, memories, and a marker on achieving the distinguished badge are some of many reasons a dedicated shooter may put down a permanent marker on the firing line. A standard brick costs $100, the double brick is $250.


Talladega Marksmanship Park

CMP Paver Project


Colt Anaconda

40-4-5Colt announces the Anaconda as the newest addition to the family of snake guns. The Anaconda is the largest frame revolver produced by Colt. It is available in a 6-inch or 8-inch stainless finish. The removable and adjustable rear sight sits on top of holes drilled and tapped for mounting handgun optics if preferred. Out of the box, the Anaconda’s trigger mechanism is one of the smoothest and most consistent double action triggers we have tested. Colt is shipping units now. The Anaconda has a suggested retail of $1,499. 

Colt Anaconda Series

Pro Tip: Mark Redl - Shooting around Barricades

40-4-7Colt’s Pro Shooter Mark Redl has loaded up his Colt Gold Cup in .45 ACP for a pro tip that will help you determine how fast you can shoot around barricades.  





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