Steel Challenge 2021



Steel Challenge 2021

Practical shooting in all of its forms boils down to speed and accuracy and the one practical shooting sport that tests those two elements exclusively is steel shooting. We've called it drag racing with guns. Draw and shoot 5 steel targets with time as your score. With divisions expanded to rimfire rifles and pistol caliber carbines, the times are now regularly setting new world records. Plus, the Arisaka Type 99 is now one of history’s guns, the Japanese battle rifle based on a Mauser design. Then, Palmetto State Armory Hosts “The Gathering” showing off new products for 2021.

Steel Challenge of 2021

40-05-1-300There is something very welcoming about steel shooting. It is a test of speed, accuracy and equipment that anyone and everyone can enjoy. By design, even someone who has never seen competitive steel shooting before, can tell a good run from a bad run. The unmistakable sound of five shots and five hits is an instant marker of success. That simplicity is a big factor in the continued popularity of the sport. And it’s a family-friendly shooting sport welcoming multiple generations to the shooting boxes, with each member trying for a personal best.

40-05-2Steel shooting has been evolving over the years, but the courses of fire remain unchanged. The original concept for the Steel Challenge was designed around centerfire handguns drawn from a holster, starting with the shooter’s wrists above shoulders. Historically, 80 seconds was the time to beat and only a handful of competitors have done it. Since the inception of the low ready divisions, the time to beat has dropped to 60 seconds. That record was shattered in 2020, and we expect to see it shattered again.

In the centerfire handgun match, the fastest times are posted by competitors using their enhanced open guns, with compensators and red-dot optics.  This year, KC Eusebio has set out to become the only eight-time World Speed Shooting Champion.



Steel Challenge Shooting Association

CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park

History’s Guns: The Arisaka Type 99

40-05-4At the start of the Second World War, Japan¬ had created one of the most technologically advanced armies the world had ever seen.¬  A key part of that war machine was the rifle that American soldiers and Marines faced on the battle fields in the Pacific. ¬ It’s a derivative of an original Mauser design adopted by the Japanese. The Arisaka Type 99 is now one of History’s Guns.


Palmetto State Armory: The Gathering

The cancellation of the NSSF’s 2021 SHOT show left the firearms industry without an outlet to showcase new products. Palmetto State Armory, that is both a retailer and manufacturer, saw a need and put together their first ever trade show and range event they call The Gathering. Military personnel, law enforcement, media, and shooting enthusiasts were welcomed to the ranges at the Sawmill Training Complex in South Carolina to see and try new guns and gear for 2021.

John Scoutten and Shannon Smith are at the Gathering to see and try what’s new for 2021.

Sawmill Training Complex

Palmetto State Armory


New Products from the Gathering 

Palmetto State Armory AK-104

Palmetto State Armory AR-V 9mm

Palmetto State Armory Jackl 

Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP

Krate Tactical: Deck of Cards on Amazon

Leadstar Helium PCC Rifles

Leadstar DMR AR-10

Microtech Defense Industries R2K9 Suppressor

Taurus TX-22 Competition

NERD Holster - Next Evolution Research and Design

IWI Tavor X95

Paragon WLC Weapons Light Cleaner

NP Technologies Frangible Projectile


40-05-7We are all feeling the effects of the ammo market, and with that comes some hard decisions when it comes to live fire training. When the cost and availability of ammunition is at a premium, an investment in a Mantis training system will pay dividends in keeping your skills fresh in dry fire practice. Mantis has two new offerings that will take your dry fire training to the next level.

Mantis X Blackbeard Reset System

Mantis X Laser Academy Electronic Coaching


Pro Tip: Mark Redl - The Bang and Click

40-05-22Colt Pro-Shooter Mark Redl has a Pro Tip that will help tighten your two shot groups If you notice your shots are hitting low on the target. 




Shooting USA Nano-T T-Shirt








Jim’s NEW Mid-Rise Trucker Shooting USA Caps

39-09-14It’s structured in front as a mid-rise trucker design that proudly displays the Shooting USA Logo in color-matched stitching.

Mesh back for cooling in summer with pre-shaped bill and trim braid. Available only in tan with tan Shooting USA logo as shown. Available with or without Jim’s signature on the bill of the cap.







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