The USPSA Lo-Cap Nationals



The USPSA Lo-Cap Nationals

There are nine divisions of competition in the USPSA and of those nine, four are considered low capacity. 10 rounds or less per magazine or reloader. The competitors are in Talladega, Alabama to compete for the national titles. Plus, the M240 throws a lot of lead downrange as one of History’s Guns. Then a profile of the retired Sergeant Major who continues to work training elite forces with the knowledge of battles he’s experienced. And the newest S&W Shield, the Plus, that combines the best features of the previous generations with high capacity.

The USPSA Lo-Cap Nationals

40-06-1There are a total of nine divisions in USPSA competitive shooting and of those nine, four are considered low capacity. 10 rounds or less per magazine or reloader. The Production Division, Limited 10, Single Stack and the Revolvers. With round count being a critical factor, the USPSA has grouped the Lo-Cap Nationals so the courses of fire can be designed for these divisions. Competitors from around the country are in Talladega, Alabama to find out who will be the next national champions.


40-06-2The guns that qualify to shoot in the limited 10 division are the fully enhanced limited guns with magazines downloaded to 10 rounds. The production division guns are essentially out of the box factory guns, downloading the mags to 10 rounds. 9-millimeter is the dominant caliber and that means minor scoring. The Single Stack Division guns are the origin of practical shooting. They are 1911 designs with 8 rounds in the magazine for major, 10 rounds for minor power factor scoring. Finally, the Revolver Division, the competition for revolvers with up to 8 round capacity, and scored minor. They are commonly reloaded with moon clips. 


40-06-3The stage designs at this national are diverse and challenging for shooters of all skill levels, from club level to grandmasters. There are opportunities for the competitors to push in pursuit of every match point as the top shooters race for the championship titles. 

More Information from the United States Practical Shooting Assn.

History’s Guns: The M240

40-06-4In the age of Full Auto weapons systems, it has always been the goal of the American military to arm our troops with effective firepower that's both versatile and reliable. The M240 is renowned for that combination. With America and her allies, it continues to prove itself on the battlefields of today. The M240 is now one of history's guns. 



Profile: Kyle Lamb and The Stay in the Fight Foundation

40-06-7There are a lot of reasons a young person might choose a military career and adventure is certainly one of them.  Well for Retired Sergeant Major Kyle Lamb adventure certainly played into his decision. He has been in a lot of dangerous places in service to our country, including one battle that we have all heard about.



40-06-6Kyle formed the Stay in the Fight Foundation. 100% of donations made to the foundation go to utilities, housing medical bills or other expenses of working people in need. There are no operating costs or management fees. Every dollar goes to help good person out of a tough situation. But for Kyle his main mission is on the range teaching shooting and tactics based on battlefield experience.

More Info from Kyle Lamb on the Stay in the Fight Foundation


The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus

40-06-9Big news from Smith and Wesson, the latest iteration of the wildly popular M&P Shield has arrived. It’s the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus with the magazine increased to 13 rounds of 9-millimeter. Additional improvements include a flat faced trigger and enhanced grip texture.

Suggested Retail is $553.

More Details from S&W 

The SureFire E2D Defender Ultra

40-06-8The perfect complement to your carry gun an illumination tool.. This is the E2D Defender Ultra and full aluminum construction means it's tough. Plus, there's a strike bezel here so you can use it in close quarters if things get weird. Instant and constant on are controlled by a push button in the end cap and there are two light modes, 5 lumens, or the full blast of 1000 lumens. The E2D Ultra is powered by two 123A lithium batteries. The LED bulb emits less heat than a comparable incandescent bulb and the full blast beam is effective out to 200 meters. E2D Defender Ultra is covered by the surefire no hassle guarantee. They will do what it takes to keep your gear running smoothly. Suggested Retail is $219.

More Information from SureFire


Pro Tip: Mark Redl - Target Transitions

40-06-10Competitive shooters are always pushing the boundaries of speed and accuracy and constantly training to gain the advantage over their opponents. One skill that will certainly pay dividends on any course of fire is target to target transitions. Colt Pro shooter Mark Redl has his Gold Cup trophy chambered in 45 ACP, ready to show us how he does it.


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