Camp Perry Bullseye



Camp Perry Bullseye

It’s the challenge of traditional Bullseye shooting that brings nearly a thousand competitors to Camp Perry, Ohio. The targets are set at 25 and 50 yards. The shooting position is standing and firing one-handed in slow fire, timed fire, and rapid fire. The best will claim the National Match Trophies and receive the President’s 100 Tab. Plus, The Sub Gun that replaced the Thompson. The M-3 was built by a car company and looked like something from the garage. The Grease Gun is now one of History’s Guns. And the Gap Grind Pro and Amateur Precision Rifle Match is bringing more new shooters into the challenge of long-range rifle competition.


Camp Perry Bullseye

40-13-2If you’ve been involved in competitive shooting sports anytime within the last hundred years, then you’ve heard of Camp Perry. The name is synonymous with the oldest and most prestigious annual trophy matches in our nation’s history. And in a place that’s renowned for what might be the most challenging service rifle matches, the sport of precision pistol is no less important, no less challenging, and no less respected. The Civilian Marksmanship Program has invited traditional pistol shooters to Camp Perry Ohio, to compete in the National Trophy Pistol Matches. One look and you know. The stance, the intense concentration, and of course, the one-handed grip. It’s all unmistakable as the game of Bullseye Pistol. But this is Camp Perry. And here at the CMP National Matches, when it comes to pistol, there is no other game.  

40-13-1Every year, during the CMP’s National Trophy Pistol Matches at Camp Perry, there are no fewer than 24 separate match trophies that will go to the top Bullseye Pistol shooters, both military and civilian. But there’s one match among them with the name that carries a lot of weight: The President’s Hundred.


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History’s Guns: Grease Gun

40-13-3At the beginning of WWII, the United States saw the obvious advantage in arming its troops with a small, full auto, pistol caliber firearm that could be mass produced cheaply and quickly. They named it the M3 Submachine Gun, but for a generation of young men more accustomed to working on cars than fighting the Nazis, it looked like something very different. The M3 Grease Gun is now one of History’s Guns.


GAP Grind


Precision Rifle Competition is easily one of the fastest-growing of the shooting sports and the largest match on the Precision Rifle calendar is aimed at bringing in even more new shooters, it’s The Bushnell GAP Grind at K and M Precision.


There are some key elements required to make a precision rifle match. Highly accurate rifles unusual shooting positions, targets a 40-13-5long way off, and competitors looking to test their skills. The GAP Grind has all of these and is creating the one element that ensures future success, New Competitors. The Gap Grind gets more attention and more shooters every year, close to 400 of them this time, at the K&M Precision Rifle Training complex on 2,200 acres about two hours west of Nashville. Each two-person team has an experienced precision shooter--the Pro, and another, who’s new to this kind of shooting, the Amateur, or Am.  

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Trophy Ear Max Pro

40-13-6The sound suppression circuit is one hundred percent digital, and that means it suppresses sound above 85 decibels, instead of shutting down, and that gives you a smoother transition. There is a sweeping volume control knob and there are four tone settings. That’s important for hunting applications, for detecting game, and for users who have some hearing loss. The faceplates are available in three colors, tactical black, tan or blaze orange. The inner shell material can be virtually any color, even multiple colors swirled together if you choose. They run on individual size 10 hearing aid batteries, and run time is about ninety-six hours. In the world of digital in-ear hearing protection market. The Trophy Ear Max Pro set is a tremendous value at $1,300. And the do-it-yourself molding kit solves the problem of getting impressions of your ears.

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Nightstick 1200 Lumen Weapon Lights

40-13-7Nightstick has a new weapon lights. The TWM-30, and before you say oh another pic-rail mounted flashlight, know this - 1200 lumens! These are powered by two CR-123 batteries. They’re waterproof and machined from anodized aluminum. The trade-off though, to all of that light energy is less than two hour run time. But if you need light to aim, the Nightstick TWM-30 weapon lights have it. Suggested Retail is 130 bucks.

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AGM Global Vision Thermal Scopes

40-13-8From AGM Global Vision, this is the rattler TS19-256. TS is Thermal Scope, the 19 is the objective lens and the 256 is the thermal resolution. This is the TS35-640, 35 is a greater objective lens and stronger thermal resolution. Both use the latest infrared imaging technology to reveal temperature variations in all objects, in all light conditions. Both are water dust and sand proof, and both have digital reticules that can be zeroed to your rifle. Both are powered by internal CR123 batteries, or can be powered by an external power source through the USB-C interface port. Both capture video and still images, and both have a stadia metric range finder. That means the device can measure an object of known size and estimate distance. Both have dual scene modes, either jungle or recognition. And both have four viewing modes, red as hot, white as hot, black as hot, and my favorite, fusion, like Predator, the movie. The two differences here, resolution and usable observation distance, how far can the scopes see heat. Well, the Rattler TS19-256 is good to 950 meters, The TS35-640 that’s good to 1750 meters. Obviously, there is a lot of technology here, and that isn’t free, but it might be less than you’d expect. The Rattler TS19-256 is $1,600, the TS35-640 is just under $4,200.

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Impossible Shot - James Jean 

40-13-9James Jean, by now you know the name, and you probably know his signature That’s How You Do It. James has a series of shots on flying clay birds that you have to see to believe because he can’t see them.







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